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In retrospect

The first hundred movies down, I wanted to do a little post recapping a few of the more memorable films I have watched so far. It has taken me almost exactly two years to go from #1 until now, so here’s hoping the next hundred won’t take so long!

Saddest movie:

The Red Shoes, because movies involving dancing are always tragic

Most ‘WTF’ moments in a movie:

The Tin Drum. The less said, the better.

Movie to most question my life choices:

Funny Games. 

Movie to best understand a Simpsons reference:

Citizen Kane. ‘Rosebud’ from Season 5 is a wonderful episode on its own, back when the Simpsons had heart. Watching ‘Citizen Kane’ enhanced many of the more obscure references for me.

Movie I was most likely to utter, ‘War is hell, man’:

Rome, Open City, which was also a top contender for ‘saddest movie’

Most boring:

A tough category, but I’ll have to go with The Dead

Most overrated:

Psycho. I’m still disappointed.

Hidden Gem:


Movie in which I rolled my eyes the most:

Written on the Wind. Another tough category to narrow down.

And finally…… Most misleading title:

My brilliant Career, in which the main character was neither brilliant or had a career.

And with that, I’m ready to move on. For my next few movies, I am asking my readers (Hi, Mom!) to send in suggestions for movies they would like to see me review. A couple of things to consider:

  • The movie has to be on my ‘1001 Movies to See Before You Die’ list. *I tried to post a link, but can’t get to work currently.*
  • No horror movies because I watch those in October.

You can contact me by commenting on this post, emailing at, or tying your suggestion to a big red balloon and sending it off into the air. Feel free to recommend anything, whether it is something you love or something with which to torture me. If I can survive El Topo, I can survive anything.

Talk back to me!

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