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#412- The Bad and the Beautiful

Quick recap: A director, an actress and a writer all have a common bond: They hate former producer Jonathan Shields.

This was a serious film but I would totally watch a buddy comedy sequel between these three

Fun (?) fact: Sex is mentioned 6 times in the movie, which was rather scandalous at the time.

How deep does that chin dimple go? Would I be able to put a finger in there?

Thoughts and observations:

Watching this film made me really miss the days when someone could make a movie about what was currently going on in Hollywood, not caring who was spoofed in the process. Citizen Kane, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, Singin’ in the Rain– and now the Bad and the Beautiful. Like, I just want a film about how soul sucking it is to work with Spielberg or how obsessed with feet Tarantino really is. Do better, movie industry.

So the main plot of the movie is that these three people-Fred Amiel, Georgia Lorrison, and James Lee Bartlow have been screwed over by producer Jonathan Shields (the Bad) but are now ridiculously successful (the Beautiful). In reviewing this movie, I’ve decided to rank the level of deception to the level of success:

3) Amiel- He and Shields teamed up to make B movies and accidentally make one worth some money. This gives Amiel courage to reveal his idea for a blockbuster, which Shields then takes to the studio and picks someone completely different to direct. Amiel loses out big time at first but later becomes an award winning director.

Deception: meddling. This seems like a common thing done in the industry. And even if the idea was a great one, whose to say Amiel would’ve also made the perfect director?

Success: High!

2) Lorrison- She got picked to star in Shield’s films and really became successful once she fell in love with him. She stopped drinking and poured all her emotion into her roles so as to further please Shields. Shields, meanwhile, wasn’t into her at all and only made her think so, so that she could continue being a great actress. Lorrison eventually finds out about the deception and leaves the studio completely. She then goes on to be one of the most famous actresses of the day.

Deception: pretty high. It’s never a good idea to deceive someone to believe you are in love with them.

Success: High!

1)  Bartlow- He is a writer who Shields hires to make a script. He isn’t interested at first, but his wife sure is so Bartlow agrees to it. The wife is extremely annoying however and Shields needs her away. He arranges for her to have an affair with a top actor, which ends with the two of them dying in airplane crash. Bartlow eventually writes a successful book about his dead wife.

Deception: Pretty freaking deceptive.

Success: Does it matter? His wife is dead!

Especially with Bartlow’s story it is totally understandable that they turn Shields down. No level of success is worth that amount of drama and deception. On the other hand, that’s show business! The final scene of them listening on the phone and liking the idea being pitched just goes to show that nothing ever changes. Good for them?

Watchability score: 4/5

Up next: Horrorfest is here!

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