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#223- A Christmas Story

Quick recap: A young boy wants a BB gun for Christmas and this is his story. A Christmas story, if you will.


Me, most days

Fun (?) fact: The raunchy comedy Porky’s is the reason we have A Christmas Story. Bob Clark directed both and the success he got from Porky’s allowed him to venture into the world of holiday movies.


Me, most days

My thoughts: Merry holidays to you and welcome to a SPECIAL EDITION of my blog. I never do timely reviews, except for that whole month of timely reviews I do in October. And all those times I reviewed war movies during American holidays. But this is legit timely, so let’s get on with it.

So, yes, I have seen A Christmas Story many times (I’m not a monster), but my husband hasn’t (probably not a monster, but this doesn’t help his case).He grew up in a more sentimental setting, whereas I’m not a ‘Christmas’ person at all- I don’t watch holiday movies, I don’t do Elf on the Shelf, and I don’t decorate the house. Really, A Christmas Story is about the only movie I can stomach, which is about a good of a review that I could possibly give it.

It’s really difficult to pin down whether this is a ‘good’ movie or just a better movie than what else is out there. It’s been a few years since I have seen it and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t hold up like I wanted it to. A few minutes in, however, I realized there was nothing to worry about. Many of the scenes that everyone loves- the lamp, Randy eating like a pig, the bunny suit- are legitimately funny, and even my husband laughed so we can stay married for now. I was also relieved that the film never dips into schmaltz or sentimentality. There are sweet scenes, but nothing that made me roll my eyes.

I think the reason I gravitate towards A Christmas Story is because it is closer to real life than other holiday films. Ralphie’s family isn’t perfect by a long shot and they aren’t in search of holiday spirit or a Christmas miracle. It’s a simple story about a kid that really wants something for Christmas and then gets it. I can get behind that.


Me, most days

Final review: 4/5 because I can’t bring myself to give a Christmas film a perfect score.

Up next: 8 1/2


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