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#263- Trainspotting

Quick recap: Don’t do drugs, kids. Unless you don’t mind swimming through the dirtiest toilets in Scotland and watching dead babies crawl on your ceiling. If that’s your thing though, you do you.


Fun (?) fact: The title Trainspotting comes from the fact that it is an unusual hobby and only people who do it truly understand what it is, much like heroin.


Even playing a character addicted to heroin, I still love Ewan.

My thoughts: I’ve loved Trainspotting for a long time, having first watched it in high school many years ago. Back then I was drawn to it solely because Ewan Mcgregor was the star and that he had a nude scene. Now,however, I appreciate this movie on different levels, one of them still being Ewan Mcgregor.

Watching Trainspotting this time around, it was the soundtrack that got to me most. The songs are perfectly chosen and create an emotional depth I hadn’t noticed in previous viewings.My favorite scene is when Renton (Ewan’s character) overdoses and ‘falls’ through the carpet. It’s very difficult to describe if you haven’t seen it, but the perspective on the screen is what he would see if he were laying in a grave. As the audience watches the trip to the emergency room and injection that brings him back to life, Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ is playing and it is so haunting to watch.

As I looked up trivia for the film, I saw that there are people who think the movie glorifies drug use and director Danny Boyle should’ve done more to show the consequences of what happens when you get addicted to heroin. It’s kind of a stupid argument because I think the film was realistic to what really goes on. Spud was sent to prison, Sick Boy’s child died, Tommy contracted AIDS and Renton pretty much got off without too much lasting damage. That’s life. Drugs are a gamble. Many people waste their life but that would be a life to say that it ruins EVERYONE. Plus, it’s not Danny Boyle’s job, unless he worked for DARE or something. All the same, it certainly didn’t make me want to go out and score a hit, mainly because I don’t like the sight of blood. Whatever works, you know?

Final review: 5/5.

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