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#7- Broken Blosssoms

quick recap: This is a heartwarming tale about a father’s love for his daughter. There are kittens and unicorns and happiness all around. That’s what I told myself at 1 in the morning after watching this movie so that I could actually get some sleep. It’s really about a father who brutally harms his daughter frequently and who later beats her to death. Before dying, a young Chinese man (who is not at all chinese) falls in love with her. Upon discovering the young girl’s body, the man shoots the father and then stabs himself with a sword.

fun (?) fact: Liquor stores in Texas close at 9 so I couldn’t get tequila like I wanted after watching this movie

my thoughts: To say this movie is depressing is an understatement. During the first beating scene, I had the worst knot in my stomach and it didn’t go away after that. The love story between ‘Chinky’ (His nickname in the film. Seriously. Look it up.) and Lucy was really sweet. Also, wow, Lillian Gish was amazing. Beyond amazing. I thought she was sort of odd looking in Griffith’s other films but she is so beautiful and innocent in this film.

making herself smile for her father

The most heartbreaking scene is at the end of the movie when Lucy’s father is getting ready to beat her for being with a Chinese man. Lucy locks herself in the closet and the look on her face and the emotions she showed are so real. And that’s what made this movie so difficult to get out of my mind last night. The scenes were so realistic, save for the drunken father’s Popeye-esque scowl.

not Chinese at all. Kind of ruined his acting for me

Final review: I suppose I should figure out what this part means. I think this will be my opinion, how I felt about the movie and not necessarily how you might feel. In this instance, I give it a 5/5 because of its lingering effect on me.

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