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Quick recap- This is the story of Max Fischer, an eccentric teenager, who falls in love with a first grade teacher at his prep school. Fischer is involved in practically every extra curricular activity at his school and that hasn’t helped him academically. Once he meets Rosemary Cross,  the teacher, he becomes obsessed. He is also befriended by Herman Blume, an industrialist, who tries to convince Max that Cross isn’t worth it, only later to fall in love with her himself. Fischer is eventually expelled from the school and finds out about Cross and Blume’s relationship. Things get quirky as Blume and Fischer fight each other, but in the end Max stays Max and everyone appreciates his quirkiness even more after watching a performance of a play he had written. All is well.

Fun (?) fact- Rushmore was filmed in Houston. I figured it out part way through the movie because I recognized the METRO busses.

My thoughts: Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors, so I went into this with high expectations. The first film I saw from his career, The Royal Tenenbaums, is one of my all-time favorite movies. I’m not here to critique all of his work, but I will say that while watching Rushmore, his trademarks seemed even more glaring.


It bothered me to suddenly become annoyed by these director traits that make me love Anderson in the first place. After the movie, I came to the conclusion that the issue is not Anderson, but myself. I have watched his films out of order. If anything, I should be annoyed by Moonrise Kingdom, not Rushmore. This film was at the very beginning of his career and it is wonderful, in its own way. I was simultaneously annoyed by/adored Max Fischer. He completely won me over by then end. The music also added to the general enjoyment of the movie.

Final review: 5/5. If you haven’t seen anything of Anderson’s yet, don’t start with Moonrise Kingdom. Start here or better yet, go start with Bottle Rocket because I hear it is even better. Watching Rushmore is watching a play of eccentric characters with heart and I love it.

Where I watched it: Netflix DVD

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