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#12-North by Northwest

Quick Recap: This may be my shortest recap yet! Roger Thornhill, an ad exec, is mistaken as a spy and must go on the run to save himself as well as a girl he falls in love with.

Fun (?) Fact: GQ Magazine named the suit Cary Grant wears throughout the movie as ‘the best suit in history’. They state it has had the biggest effect on men’s fashion than any other suit ever has.


I find myself wanting a good suit….

My Thoughts: So, first of all, a confession- this is my first ever Hitchcock film. I KNOW. I always meant to watch Psycho, but it is one of those movies that has been referenced so many times that I feel like I have already watched it. I KNOW. Thus the reason I’m doing this project in the first place. Anyway. Back to the movie at hand.

I was immediately caught up in the film from the beginning. And from the beginning, I mean the credits, because look:



If I’m going to watch a movie from 1959, it needs to scream 1959! And boy, did it ever. I also loved how quickly the action began. The film was fast paced and I loved all the twists and turns as Thornhill tried to figure out what the hell was going on. One of the most enjoyable parts of the movie was watching the transformation of Thornhill. He starts out so completely anti-spy and then as more events unfold,  he begins to fit into the role perfectly. By the last scene at Mount Rushmore, he has become George Kaplan. I don’t know much about Cary Grant’s work because, as you can see above, I haven’t even watched Psycho so why would I know about other classic films? I doubted Grant’s casting at the beginning because he seemed so much older than what I was expecting from a spy. However, he sold me rather quickly. One of the reasons I enjoy movies like this is because it helps me expand my pop culture knowledge. I can now say I have seen the crop dusting scene and I also know what a MacGuffin is.

Final review: 5/5. It’s an iconic film and still holds up as an excellent thriller. Plus, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Where I watched it: Netflix DVD

Next Up: Moulin Rouge. I KNOW.

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