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In Retrospect pt.4

It’s been three years since I started #300 on my list but it felt like much longer. I enjoyed this set of films as much as the others and once again, my hope is to always watch more! Cheers to the next 100! Now, on to the superlatives!

Movie most likely to remind me that I can’t tell Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart apart:

Man of the West


Movie that lets me down again and again:



Movie that reminds me how much I love Heather Graham:

Drugstore Cowboy 


Movie I most regret not loving:



Movie that makes me want more Chuck Yeager (RIP):

The Right Stuff


Movie that stuck with me the longest:

Jacob’s Ladder


Movie with true events that most resemble a horror film:

The Killing Fields


Movie with most paranoid characters:

The Ear


Movie that makes me appreciate Hitchcock’s depth:


Movie referenced by the Simpsons:

Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song



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