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#190- She Done Him Wrong

Quick recap: Mae West plays Lady Lou, a woman with a bunch of guy troubles.


Fun (?) fact: Mae West was sewn into most of her costumes.

it's a wonder she didn't pass out during every scene, with something that tight on.

it’s a wonder she didn’t pass out during every scene, with something that tight on.

My thoughts: If you are like me, you are probably wondering who ‘she’ is, as well as who ‘him’ is and what exactly went down. I gather that ‘she’ is Mae West but beyond that, I have no idea what the hell happened in this movie. There were so many guys in and out of her room that I couldn’t keep track of who was whom. I’m also not really sure about Lady Lou’s role in all of this because she seemed to have a boyfriend (?) and he seemed cool with her many guy friends (or suitors), but then there was an escaped convict that she also used to be with, so there’s that. And Cary Grant played Captain Cummings, a straight laced man who worked for the Salvation Army, but was actually a detective. And there were these Russians that had a prostitution ring going on, except that their accents came off as Irish rather than Russian so I kept expecting them to also be in disguise somehow.

So, the plot is needlessly complicated, and the acting didn’t redeem the movie all that much. Don’t get me wrong, Mae West was really good and I loved her voice, but even that schtick got a little old. Cary Grant was cute but the character was pretty bland, bordering on jerk because at the end of the film he ‘arrests’ Lady Lou, only to propose to her in the carriage on the way to jail. This was the most confusing part of all because Captain Cummings JUST finished arresting a whole slew of former suitors so he knew what he was getting into, but I guess he felt it would be different this time around. So is he the ‘him’ in She Done Him Wrong?? No clue, and I feel I’ve written about this movie longer than it deserves.


Final review: 2/5.

Up next: 42nd Street

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