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#233- Ghostbusters

Quick recap: Three professors start a business trapping ghosts because, as we all know, bustin’ makes you feel good!


Fun (?) fact: The bookcase that fell over in the beginning of the film was an accident but was kept in the movie ‘to add mystery’.


Venkman’s animated self creeps me out a bit, tbh

My thoughts: Being a #80s/90skid, my three favorite movies growing up were: 1) E.T 2) The Little Mermaid and 3) Ghostbusters. Now that I have a 6 year old, nothing makes me happier than being able to share with him things I loved, even if he doesn’t quite get it at first:

In the beginning of the film as Venkman is testing students for telepathic abilites:

B: Wow, that girl can read minds!

Me: No, Venkman is pretending that she can because he wants to date her.

B: So…..she’s the ghost?

Suffice to say, this kid was dying to see some ghosts. Naturally, because that’s how life works, I never noticed how many ‘adult’ jokes were in the movie when I was little  so it was a little awkward sitting through a few scenes. Nonetheless, he seemed to enjoy the movie and I later heard him pretending to be a Ghostbuster in the bath, so I guess I don’t always suck at this parenting thing.

It surprised me how much of this movie is carried by Bill Murray. He’s hilarious, of course, and the other guys are good, but it’s Murray that does it for me. Knowing that most of his lines were ad libbed makes me appreciate the humor even more. Rick Moranis was much funnier than I remembered, especially the scene at his party. There are so many moments I loved and so many great quotes, but the plot itself was a little meh. Personally, I much prefer the plot of Ghostbusters 2, although it lacks a bit in the jokes department.

It makes me happy that a childhood favorite has held up so well after all these years and I’m glad I got to pass it on to the next generation.

Final review: 4/5

Up next: Lola

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