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#261- Pink Flamingos

Quick recap: Divine is in a battle against Raymond and Connie Marble to keep her title of ‘Filthiest Person Alive’.


one of the few shots I’m willing to post on here.

Fun (?) fact: I’m never eating eggs again!


Let’s instead remember much happier times

My thoughts: The hell?

Okay, but really, WHAT did I just watch? Unspeakable acts with chickens, abundant nudity, and eating real dog poop, apparently. I’m stuck in a conflict between being absolutely shocked at what I sat through but also knowing that was John Water’s point so he’s getting the result he was going for by me freaking out. On the other hand, SHE ATE REAL DOG POOP. I try to be as open minded as I can, but this was just too much. Do you know how much I used to love eggs?? Sunny side up, scrambled, hard-boiled, it didn’t matter. After Pink Flamingos, I can never look at one again without gagging.

I feel obligated to at least point out that in the most messed up way possible, this movie has heart. I can’t believe I’m saying this after all that I saw, but it was (almost) heartwarming to see all the friends and family who supported Divine and were willing to do anything for her, even if it meant committing murder. There were some legitimately funny things in this movie because that’s how shock entertainment goes and I especially loved John Waters as the narrator. There was a fun, campy aspect to the whole thing and it looked as if everyone genuinely enjoyed their time making the movie. So, there’s that.


You and me, both, couch.

Final review: 2/5. Should you watch Pink Flamingos? Sure! Knock yourself out and then throw out all of your eggs just like I have done.

Up next: Touch of Evil


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