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In Retrospect pt.3

This last group of 100 movies have been the hardest to go through, by far. It was a shit year, to be honest and I hope the next hundred will bring me some better luck. I feel like I watched a lot of ‘classics’ this time around so I’m crossing my fingers for some really weird stuff the next go around. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of just a few of the movies I have seen from #201- 300. Enjoy?

Movie most likely to make me think I too could join the NBA:

Hoop Dreams 

Movie I Enjoyed but at the same time had no idea what I was watching:

Juliet of the Spirits 

Movie where I discovered I had a thing for stamps: 

Closely Watched trains

Movie that filled in the most pop culture holes in my life:

The Godfather 

Movie I loved but was also slightly repulsed by:


Favorite movie find of the series:

The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Movie that made me question if I even had a sense of humor:

Beverly Hills Cop

Movie that confirmed I love Jeff Goldblum no matter what:

The Fly 

The quintessential ‘War is Hell’ film:

Forbidden Games 

Movie that proves my friends have good taste:

The French Connection 


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